We’re here to help you with all your grocery needs and deliver great food and liquor at great prices.


Come and see the latest specials, save money whenever you shop with us, and even request to order special products for you if we don’t currently have them in stock.

We offer a complete range of fresh produce, all the top brand groceries, gourmet products and so much more. Explore our wide range of self-serve pre-packed Deli, Cheese and Meat products. In our Bakery, danishes, bread and rolls are baked fresh daily. We can deliver everything on your shopping list with our online grocery ordering delivery services.

Our very comprehensive range of produce, meat, deli, dairy, frozen foods, grocery, general merchandise and liquor is the instant solution for your budget. See how much you’ll save on our Catalogue, which is changes every Wednesday with all our new specials.

For us, the bottom line is about product quality, service quality and customer satisfaction. We’ll always go that extra distance to make sure we satisfy your shopping experience.

We have 6 checkouts, good handy parking, easy access via lift or travellator, time-friendly trading hours and we always have fabulous specials for you every day. Come in and visit our store, meet our friendly staff, and enjoy your shopping experience with us in store or online.

You’re always welcome at IGA Lilyfield, so drop in any time!

Contact IGA Lilyfield for All the Services You Need

Contact us for assistance with your shopping, deliveries, and product searches. We’ll help you with all your shopping needs and practical support to make sure you have a great shopping experience. Call us on 02 9560 6721 or contact us online for fast, friendly service.

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